Animal Husbandry Detail and Financial Disclosure

Goat farming is a secure business with very little risks.

Mutton is one of the favorite food staples of the Nepalese people therefore the market of goat meat. Goat milk and cheese also provide healthier alternatives to cow’s milk and are a part of the goat business.

If they are able to create these farms, the import of meat from China and India will decrease. It will help Nepal to stop investing in other country’s economics and start improving their own economic status.

On another hand, people who look for employment in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, etc. will find more employment opportunities in their own country and their own villages.

Karki Gaun’s environment is ideal for commercial goat farming and has all basic infrastructure in place for trading and transporting goats.

Karki Gaun as a village has the opportunity to rise above the poverty level, send their children to good schools and live healthy, sustainable, and prosperous lives.

Planning and farming:

  • A female goat can have up to 12 kids (baby goats) in her life.

  • The death rate of kids (baby goats) is less than 10%.

  • Goats are grass fed, which is cheaper than feeding with grain.

  • Goats are raised in a “free range” environment and are never kept in small restrictive cages.

5 Years Plan

The start up costs is $13890, which includes 60 goats, 2 barns, a water tank and separate stall for 2 male goats.

We start with 60 goats and over the duration of 5 years the goat population will have increased to 1000.

Goat purchase costs:

60 goats including transport                                 $80 each                                        $4800

2 Breeding goats (male)                                        $145 each                                          $290

Fixed starting costs:

2 Buildings (barns) can house 60 goats each    ($4000 each)                                $8000

Water tank 2000 liters.                                                                                                       $200

Male goat’s separate stall (2)                                                                                           $400

Miscellaneous                                                                                                                   $200

Total estimated costs:                                                                                                     $13890

In 5 years the goat population will increase to 1000 goats.

One goat can be sold for a price of $80 to $120 depending on its weight and gender.