Adult Literacy Program

Let us introduce you to some of our sisters.

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Urmila Tamang

My Name is Urmila Tamang. I am 33 years old. I grew up in a big family of 9 children. I am the second oldest. We have a very poor family background. I have never been to school in my life. Due to poverty, my parents sent me to Kathmandu to work at a wealthy family as a child laborer when I was 9. I stayed there for 5 years. My job was to clean the big house, wash dishes, wash clothes, wash toilets and care for the animals. When I’d see children of the wealthy family go to school I used to cry inside. I never enjoyed the domestic work and returned to Karki Gaun after 5 years. Since then I got married and now have 2 children.

The adult literacy program has become my soul. I have had no absences since this class has started. I am speechless and overwhelmed.

Thank you to everyone, providing us this beautiful program. Yours Sincerely, Urmila Tamang


Namina Tamang

I am 50 years old. I married in the age of 15, I have five children, four girls and one son. I was raised by single parent, where I had big responsibilities to look after my younger brother. I have never been to school in my life. Now all my kids are grown and they have finished their college and some are going to university.
Adult Literacy Program in my village means a lot to me. I am eagerly learning Alphabet both Nepali and English-Nepali together. It’s been 3 months I have been continuously going to class. Now, I have learned Alphabet and learning developing the words. Now I realized that every word comes from joining the Alphabet which I was unawares of before coming to class.
I myself always wanted to learn, my husband and children encouraging me to read and write.
I am a farmer and I have to work in the field, feed animals for my living. Where there is will, there is way.... I manage my time at home, at work and in school. I am so blessed to have this opportunity in the community. I thank everyone who directly and indirectly is involved in the project. Special thanks to Santosha and her sister Christine. I love you...

Yours Loving Sister
Namina Tamang
From KarkiGaun, Nepal.


Note of Interest: You’ll notice that Namina and Urmila share the same last name. This does not indicate that they are from the same family, it merely suggests the same region of origin.

Karki Gaun is in the Tamang region of Nepal.


Listen to one of our sisters as she describes her desire for education.